"I've been using 99 Cleaning Solutions to clean my windows inside and out every Spring and Fall for the last 10 years. They continue to be quick, and reliable and offer a quality streak-free service. Highly recommend."
Laurissa Stebeleski via Google
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Your Trusted, Efficient Window Cleaners in the Cowichan Valley

There is a reason we call it ‘Beautiful British Columbia’. Living in the Cowichan Valley really highlights a lot of the beauty that our province has to offer. That’s why streaks and stains on your windows have no place here, especially when they obstruct from the view outside.

At 99 Cleaning Solutions, we provide quality, effective window cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning, and more for your residential or commercial property in the Cowichan Valley. We love what we do — and we love seeing the look on your face when we show you the results of your property’s clean (plus, we get to work outside in one of the most beautiful places in the world!). If you are looking to boost your property’s curb appeal in the Cowichan Valley, tap on one of those buttons below to get in touch with us today!

Friendly & Professional

48hr Rain Guarantee

Experienced & Efficient

We carry $5 million in liability insurance for your peace of mind and safety.

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Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning in the Cowichan Valley, BC

Clean, streak-free, and sparkling — adjectives we love to hear when describing your windows. Streaky, dirty, unclean… those adjectives tell us that you need 99 Cleaning Solutions to come and help.

Window cleaning plays an important role in helping to boost the curb appeal of your home or your business’ storefront. Without the right equipment, cleaning solutions and experience, it can be difficult to ensure that your windows are effectively clean and streak-free. At 99 Cleaning Solutions, we are here and happy to take this chore off your hands so you can enjoy beautiful clean windows, without having to lift a finger!

Our Total Window Cleaning Package

  • Detailed cleaning of all windows, inside and out
  • Wiping of all frames and sills
  • Screen cleaning – free of charge!
  • Specially-formulated soap for a long-lasting and streak-free shine
  • Moving of any obstacles blocking access to your windows

Our Guarantees

48hr Rain Guarantee

If your windows get dirty from the rain within 48 hours of our cleaning services, we’re happy to come back and reclean where necessary!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with our services, we’ll come back at your earliest convenience and resolve any issues.
Window cleaning in Qualicum Beach, BCPost construction window cleaningProfessional window cleaning on Vancouver Island

Post Construction Cleaning in the Cowichan Valley, BC

At 99 Cleaning Solutions, our staff can effectively and safely remove any plaster, paint, tape, and general construction debris from your client's windows. We can also include debris removal from the new window frames and sills too.

We know that you will need to get the work completed by a specific deadline, that's why we will work with you and your crew to ensure that everything is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Your client should see all of the hard work your team has put into this beautiful new property in the Cowichan Valley and our post-construction window cleaning will help to add the finishing touches to it for you.

Dirty roofRoof in between cleaningRoof after cleaning

Residential & Commercial Roof Cleaning in the Cowichan Valley, BC

Do you see black or green stuff on your roof that wasn’t there before? It’s quite common to see, but did you know that this is actually causing damage to your roof? That green stuff is likely to be moss, mold and other allergens that don’t belong on your roof. Your roof does a lot of heavy lifting in protecting your property. To ensure its longevity, professional roof cleaning is essential — at 99 Cleaning Solutions, that’s exactly what we do.

With over a decade of experience cleaning roofs in beautiful BC, you can have peace of mind that your roof is in good hands with us. Plus, it reduces any risk of you having to get up on a ladder to risk your own safety.

Our roof cleaning process involves spraying a specially-formulated solution onto your roof. We do this from ladders and have found over the years that this is a safe and effective solution when it comes to removing any dirt and organism that may be growing on your roof. We divert or bag any downspouts and soak the surrounding ground in water to dilute any solution that might reach your landscape to help ensure that there is no damage.

For asphalt roofs, we let Mother Nature do the rinsing work and when it comes to baking our solution into the organisms and grime. We also let her rinse it off the next time it rains here (one of the benefits living in British Columbia!). For cedar shingled roofs, we let the solution sit for a dwelling period and then rinse it off ourselves to protect the more sensitive cedar material from any damage. We also offer cedar shingle staining services, if you would like to invest in a new look for your roof!

My windows are so clean I'm now able to enjoy my view. I'm so glad you were able to dust those really hard to access high spots. I really appreciate you going the extra mile to fix one of my living room blinds also. Excellent job! Thank you so much.
Bev Constantini via Google
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Gutter cleaning on Vancouver IslandWhite, clean gutterRemoving ice from gutter

Gutter Cleaning in the Cowichan Valley, BC

Clogged gutters pose danger to the structural integrity of your home. This is because water builds up and pools in places it's not supposed to. While we get some of the mildest temperatures in Canada here, colder temperatures in the winter can still cause ice dams to form, which can create leaks in your roof or the foundation of your home.

You can trust 99 Cleaning Solutions to clean your gutters properly and thoroughly. You don’t have to worry or even think about getting up on the ladder to clear away those leaves that have got clogged — you can leave that to us.

You can not only make your gutters look great by removing whatever may be clogging them but you can also have them whitened too! Using a powerful soap, we can lift the dirt right off your gutters, reviving them and making them look like-new. Plus, the soap we use is completely safe for your plants too.

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Additional Services

Cowichan Valley Pressure Washing

It’s one thing to have sparkling windows but if your home exterior is looking a little worse for wear, it can detract from the overall appearance of your property. At 99 Cleaning Solutions, we are experienced in pressure washing your surfaces outside of your home to help boost your curb appeal.

Before and after of pressure washing done by 99 Cleaning Solutions in Cowichan Valley, BC

Soft Washing

Just like pressure washing, but softer. Soft washing is used for surfaces like your home siding to ensure that no damage is caused when removing dirt and mold. At 99 Cleaning Solutions, we understand the correct amount of pressure needed to thoroughly clean a surface, but also ensure that it does not succumb to any damage.

Cowichan Valley soft washing done by 99 Cleaning Solutions

High Dusting

Have you got beautiful, high ceilings at home? If so, it can be difficult to reach the dust! Did you know that dust accumulation can lower the air quality of your home by increasing the concentration of dirt, pollen and other allergens in the air? To ensure you're breathing clean air within your home, regular cleaning of these hard-to-reach places is essential in aiding with that. Call us today and we’ll get all of those high, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies dust-free!

High dusting cleaning services in Cowichan Valley, BC
Owners of 99 Cleaning Solutions Olivier and Kelvin in Qualicum Beach, BC

About 99 Cleaning Solutions

Hey there! We’re Olivier, Kelvin, and Alex, the owners and operators of 99 Cleaning Solutions. Our company began in 2010 as an answer to the lack of professional window cleaning services in the Sea-to-Sky area. We initially started a home cleaning company some years prior, but could never find reliable window cleaners to clean windows on the homes that we were servicing. We both have strong do-it-yourself attitudes, so we went out and bought our own tools to do the work ourselves.

From then on, we saw there was more opportunity and need to shift focus from housekeeping to full time window cleaning and after this pivot, we started to grow like crazy. Our clients were referring us to their friends and always coming back so our clientele base kept growing year over year. But don’t just take it from us, read what our happy customers have to say!

We’ve cleaned thousands of homes, hundreds of thousands of windows, countless meters of gutters since 2010 and every type of home exterior you can imagine – cedar, vinyl, stucco, concrete, etc. We deeply enjoy the work that we do, love a new challenge that makes us learn, and appreciate the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. All of that enjoyment comes through in our high-quality work and our customers’ frequent mentions of how personable and polite we are. We also recently expanded our operations onto Vancouver Island, so we can make even more home as beautiful as it was meant to be. We hope to soon add you to 99 Cleaning Solutions family of happy customers and show you how personable and professional we really are!

A last minute call out for cleaning some very difficult to access interior and exterior windows. Kelvin managed to come out early the next morning. While here I made a couple of game day requests and they took care of it while on site. Clean, professional, receptive. I would definitely recommend the company.
Danny O'Hara. via Google
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